👉Crazy Promotion!! Buy BEARS using QUREZ & be rewarded with 200 BSD! Let's start from ..NOW.. 👈

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Good day my Friends 😊

Bearshares needs our help soon.

June Is coming and OUR platform needs to cover some expenses.
You know we are growing up and the server must be extended.
For more detailed info visit @bilalhaider.

What to do?

Partecipate this contest!

Buy your BEARS using @qurez from Steemit platform.

Only 3 Steem Dollar$

to grow your BEARS wallet and in addiction, after having checked your transaction, You will be rewarded with 200 BSD by @mikitaly.

Isn't it simple?

Remember to leave your Bearshares Username in the memo during the transaction.

Leave a message in the comments below about your purchase.

Thanks to all because this is a way to support directly Bearshares, we can be small investors but all together we can do GREAT things for OUR platform.


Of course this contest was inspired by our friend @fun2learn who is giving a great support to Bearshares.


How long is the Promotion?

The only sponsor for now is @mikitaly who provides 6000 BSD for this contest.
Does anyone want to become a SPONSOR
to support this initiative?
Please contact @mikitaly in comments or discord chat.

Thanks for stopping by here.

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Thank you for mentioning me! Great generous initiative!


You're giving us a great example to follow. 😊 I hope this initiative will be useful and encourage people to support Bearshares.

Good job


Thanks my friend.